Continuity through CBL – Will McAvoy ’20

For the past two years, I have experienced the challenges of getting back into the swing of things at college like countless other students across the country.  Adjusting to the 2:00 am bedtimes because of an organic chemistry exam, getting your own groceries, or just the general hustle of Mount St. James in the Fall takes some getting used to compared to the relative ease of summer life.  With this season of change, it is always nice to have some form of continuity.  In addition to seeing all of my great friends and professors, it is nice to see some form of continuity past the Linden Lane gates of the College.  For me, this continuity is easy to see through my experiences at the St. Mary Center.  Going in for the first day, I always feel as if I haven’t missed a day.  The same residents sitting in the same spots, playing with the same puzzles, reading the same papers, or talking to the same friends.  When I walk in, there are some residents who remember me and are excited to hear about my stories aboard “the Navy boats” and if I got to see any interesting sights like pods of dolphins (I got to see several different pods!).  We go back and forth talking about our summer experiences and pick up right where we left off in our conversations.  Having this continuity always brings a calming aspect to my life, and I am forever grateful for those at St. Mary and Holy Cross that allow these meaningful relationships to form.

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