Mr. Joe Donelan ’72 Visits with CBL Interns – Jack Chaffee ’20

As an intern for the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning, getting the chance to meet Mr. Joe Donelan ’72, the founder of our office, was an opportunity that I and many of the other interns felt we couldn’t pass up. During the time that I met with Mr. Donelan, he asked what has been most meaningful to me about my involvement in both CBL and the Intern Program and if I had any idea of what I want to do after graduating Holy Cross. He told stories of his passion for involvement in the community and shared guidance on how to continue this engagement in the future. Many of the interns can agree that the CBL Intern Program has greatly impacted not only our involvements on campus but also what we want to pursue post-graduation. This is demonstrated by some of our senior interns, who shared with Mr. Donelan that they recently have been accepted to positions in Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, Peace Corps in Rwanda, and City Year in Boston. Because I am only a sophomore, plans for after graduation seem very distant, but I know they will be here before I know it. As our conversation continued, I told Mr. Donelan that I have been considering sharing life with a L’Arche Community post-graduation. Talking with and listening to Mr. Donelan was a refreshing reminder of some of the goals of our office, and was greatly appreciated by all of the interns. Furthermore, on behalf of the entire CBL office, I would like to thank Mr. Donelan for his extremely generous donation that has allowed for our office to exist! We are incredibly grateful for his dedication to Holy Cross, our student body, and the city of Worcester.

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