Re-post from “A Florentine Professor” – CBL Prof. Ducci Shares about Visiting the Circolo Italiano with her Students


It is amazing how many interesting people my students and I met this semester! Yesterday I have been honored to visit the Circolo Italiano in West Boylston, few minutes away from Worcester. A considerable number of Italians gathers in the local library on Saturday to speak and nurture their language, traditions and culture. Some of them arrived to the U.S decades ago from Basilicata, Rome, Naples, some are Dante’s readers and lovers, other art professors. Each of them has a story to share. They welcomed us and offered coffee and cookies. Isabel Marinus does a great job coordinating everybody and organizing the activities.
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Yesterday we discussed the writer Dacia Maraini in Italian. Time flew by. We all can’t wait to return to West Boylston again and continuing the conversation right where we left off.”For on that is the mind fed wherein it is gladdened”, Saint Augustine, Confessions, book XIII.

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