Introducing the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning’s (CBL) Blog!

Greetings fellow Crusaders, and welcome to our blog! This blog will mainly be written by the four of us, Community-Based Learning (CBL) Interns, Cindy Nguyen (’15), Rachel Greenberg (’15), Annie Wynters (’14), and Jake Medina (’16). For our very first blog, we would like to allow you, the reader, to learn why we are blogging and what to expect in our future posts.

If you’re not familiar with the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning, click here to learn more about what we do! For all of us, participating in CBL is a defining aspect of our Holy Cross experiences. Everyday on the Hill, we are constantly reminded why we have chosen a liberal arts education–not just for the academics, but to also develop and grow as a person, to widen our horizons, and to never stop questioning the imperfections in our society.

We started this blog because we want to share the stories and insights we gain through our personal experiences with CBL. We want to invite everyone to join our journeys of frustration, happiness, revelation, and confusion. We don’t want the dialogues to stop when you leave your CBL class or when you leave your CBL site; instead, we want to create a place where you, our fellow Crusaders, feel welcome and might even discover a little bit about yourselves.


A few words from the CBL Interns: What does CBL means to you?

Cindy: CBL is another outlet for me to continue an academic and personal dialogue about the social structure that is embodied within our communities.

Jake: With the understanding that life is not a lecture, CBL engages me in a way that expands the classroom and creates opportunity for personal, spiritual, and academic growth.

Rachel:  CBL has given me the chance to get over myself, get into the community, and claim my education.

Annie: CBL has given me the unique opportunity to ground theories of the classroom in real world experience. I have found my passion for responding for social justice issues present at the community sites I have been placed at with urgency, lessons I will take with me far beyond the gates of Holy Cross.”


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